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    "NON_ENTRANT invocation" Message

    Roger Newbie

      The following messages appear when adding an entity EJB to a collection on the "many" side of a 1 to N relation:

      17:40:16,129 INFO [BeanLock] NON_ENTRANT invocation
      17:40:16,129 INFO [BeanLock] NON_ENTRANT invocation

      It appears that all the code works correctly, although I cannot be sure that the new EJB has been added to the collection. The two messages are generated by one (not two) additions to the collection.

      When the reentrant tag in the ejb-jar.xml file is changed from "false" to "true" this message does not appear.

      Can anyone tell me what this message means please? In particular is it warning me that the many side of the relation has not been properly established?

      Thanks in anticipation