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    How to check if my bean is bound ?

    Sujith Prabhu Newbie

      How do I know whether my bean is bound or not ? Is there any server interface in JBoss 3.0 which displyas a list of all bound ejBeans.
      I am a beginner and I am trying to run a simple session bean - "HelloWorld" .But when i try to run my client I get "Hello not bound" exception.
      I have some confusion regrading the
      "<jndi-name>users/Hello</jndi-name>" in the ejb-jar.xml .
      I have found different entries for the same examples in different sites like :


      Which of these are valid ? And where can i find documentation about these ?
      Also ho should I lookup for the bean, should it not be same as <jndi-name> ?

      Please help me out .

      Thanks in advance.
      sujith prabhu