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    Question about bean keys and class hierarchy!

    Paul73 Newbie

      is it possible (with XDoclet) to have an abstract entity bean with an abstract data (with the key) and a concrete entity bean that add some new data (to the abstract data) but without any key?

      I'm trying to do this with this code but it doesn't work:

      * @ejb:bean
      * name="BlockArrow"
      * local-jndi-name="jndi/newguide/server/template/version_1/BlockArrowBean"
      * jndi-name="jndi/newguide/server/template/version_1/BlockArrowBean"
      * type="CMP"
      * cmp-version="2.x"
      * view-type="local"
      * @ejb:data-object
      * name="DataBlockArrow"
      * package="org.labmedinfo.newguide.server.template.version_1.data"
      * extends="org.labmedinfo.newguide.server.template.version_1.data.DataBlockAbstract"
      * @ejb:interface
      * local-extends="BlockAbstractLocal"
      * local-package="org.labmedinfo.newguide.server.template.version_1.localinterfaces"
      * @ejb:home
      * local-extends="BlockAbstractLocalHome"
      * @ejb:util
      * generate="physical"
      * @ejb:transaction type="Required"
      * @jboss:table-name table-name="GL_TEMPLATE_ARROW"
      * @jboss:create-table create="true"
      * @jboss:remove-table remove="false"

      The result is that the PK Concrete class as all empty methods so toString() fails and also equals().

      How can I specify that the PKClass is the abstract one and that I don't want the ConcretePK (the COncretePK is also present in the LocalHomeConcreteClass)

      Thank you