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    Ann: SuperPeekPoke Lite: freeware opentools for JBuilder 6,7

    Wei Jiang Newbie

      A lite version of SuperPeekPoke for Jbuilder version 6, 7 and coming 8
      is available from either http://codecentral.borland.com or

      SuperPeekPoke Lite is a lite version of SuperPeekPok.
      It is freeware. It is perpetual. It supports JOnAS, Universal, Weblogic,
      WebSphere and jBoss.

      SuperPeekPoke is a J2EE tool that allows you to do the following
      things visually:
      1. Peek: view return values of getter methods of running EJBs.
      2. Poke: set values on running EJBs using setter methods.
      Call your EJB services
      3. Verify EJB's working conditions.
      No programming is required. Your keyboard is necessary if you want
      input values for poking.

      Installation: copy peekPokeLiteForJbuilder.jar to:
      <jBuilder-home>/lib/ext (Unix)
      <jBuilder-home>\lib\ext (Windows)

      When jBuilder starts, it makes SuperPeekPokeLite available on
      "Tool" menu and ToolBar.

      How to use: click SuperPeekPokeLite icon on either ToolBar or
      under Tool menu. Installation panel will appear if necessary. Connect
      panel will appear if necessary.

      Press F1 for context-sensitive help anywhere in the program.