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    ClassCastException while outside IDE, works fine in IDE.

    Jeremy Cowgar Newbie

      I use Eclipse, have developed about 15 CMP Beans and Session beans to go along, now I am trying to use my client application that accesses these beans outside of the IDE, however whenever I keep getting ClassCastException and cannot figure out why.

      The code that it's occuring in is code in the XDoclet Utility class, here it is (however, this is just a sample, it happens on all beans in the same place, this is just one):

      cachedRemoteHome = (ejbs.interfaces.ClaimEntityHome) PortableRemoteObject.narrow(objRef, ejbs.interfaces.ClaimEntityHome.class);

      The weird thing is that it is working fantastic inside my IDE. Outside the IDE is the only time I am getting this message error.

      Thank you,

      Jeremy Cowgar