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    EJB & Web client

    Radhika Mehta Newbie

      Hi all,

      Thank you for giving me the solution for my previois problem in installation of jboss.

      Now I have some other problem. I have a sample appliation to check the deployment of EJB's in Jboss.

      The file hierarchy is :
      -index.jsp (which calls EJB)
      -WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml (contect-root is /example)

      I have placed this example.ear in /jboss/server/default/deploy. The server hjas detected the application. and says deployed.

      But how do I access this index.jsp ?
      Do I need to do some setup in server files ?

      when I type http://localhost:8080/exapmle/ it says example doesn't exists.

      Once the application is installed do we need to do any entries into any files like http-web-site.xml in 9iAS. to be accessed from web url ?

      Please help.

      Thank you for your support and time.

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          Vicky Kak Master

          Hi Radhika,
          I deploy the same way but I never have prepared jboos-web.xml file.What I suggest you to check the changes in the application.xml file placed in the META-INF/




          Hope you get now the results.

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            Radhika Mehta Newbie

            I have the same in application.xml. <context-root> is also there in application.xml as you have shown. but it still doesn't come.

            and one more thing is the ejb I am able to access from simple java client.

            I have got one morte doubt here. when I start jboss server from run.sh. it is starting perfectly. but after that do I need to start tomcat again. because incase if I don't start I am not able to access 8080. but when I start first the tomcat it works. but then the jboss says 8080 is in use. does this sinario effest any thing in my previous problem.

            to userstand the same I have tried to deply a simple war file that also doesn't work. the same old problem.

            I am in confusion. In case that made me to think illogical please explain me.

            Please help me.

            Thank you for your support

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              jacques lebrun Newbie

              well, radhika, if u r using the jboss3 package shipped together with tomcat (namely, something like "jboss-3.x.x_tomcat-n.n.n"), just start up the server with the "run" shell file. tomcat service will be started up within jboss. and if it's jboss2 ("jboss-2.x.x_tomcat-n.n.n"), u should use "run_with_catalina" instead.

              in both cases, better not start up tomcat outside jboss.

              and u can try "http://localhost:8080/jmx-console" to check whether jboss is up with jboss3. for jboss2, it can be the demo deployment "http://localhost:8080/jboss".

              or u can even check ur port 8080 with telnet to see whether the web container is up.

              then, if everything is okay, check the application.xml for the "<context-root>" section. that specifies the "virtual directory" of your application. e.g. if it's "<context-root>abc</context-root>", then it's very likely to find ur page at "http://localhost:8080/abc/index.jsp".

              wish u good luck.

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                Radhika Mehta Newbie

                Thank you for your support.

                My sample applicaiton is running. I had two problwms one is as you rightly said that my tomcat is getting started as soon as I start jboss.

                another problem was for web.xml and jboss-web.xml files the name space specification for dtd was wrong. those files actually I have taken from 9iAS. which uses anotehr namespace. This I could realise now.

                Thanks once again.