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    JBOSS and Swing Client

    Rob Abbe Newbie


      I am creating a swing application that prompts the user to enter a user id and password. I would like to have jboss authenticate the user against a database table. What is the best way to configure JBOSS to do this?


      Rob Abbe

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          Greg Turner Apprentice

          This is a complicated subject and way beyond getting free advice about. Get the free QuickStart Guide, the for pay Admin Guide, and the JBoss Admin book. Study all the parts about security. Try some things. Then, if you have a specific problem, post the problem in the Security Forum, not here, and you will probabaly get some help.

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            Rob Abbe Newbie


            Thank you for your reply. I understand that I posted the question in the wrong forum, my mistake.

            I would however have preferred a more diplomatic response, especially from a JBOSS consultant who may be looking for contract opportunities. You may be a highly skilled developer, but your response lacked tact that I would have afforded a colleague or any other professional.

            Rob Abbe

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              Daniel Hinojosa Master

              That wasn't bad advice that he told you. Swing as a client is pretty broad question with JBoss. The Quick start guide is the one of the best resources for that.

              I have seen some rude comments before and that doesn't even come close.