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    DataObject on wire - Serializable and Externalizable

    Allen Walker Newbie

      Ok i am having the hardest time here..

      The scenario is I have a session bean that gets a DataObject from an entitybean. This Dataobject implements both Serializable and Externalizable. Anyway the session bean gets this dataobject, makes a few changes to it, and then returns several of them in an ArrayList.

      When the webtier gets this arraylist, it's as if the sessionbean made no changes to the dataobject.. it's in the same state it was when it came from the entitybean to the session bean.

      The **ONLY** thing I can figure is that when the collection of data objects is passed on the wire, it's calling write the Externalizable writeExternal() and readExternal() methods, which is **NOT** what I want. I just want basic serialization.

      Is there some RMI setting in jboss I'm missing?

      Thanks for any help.