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    HELP! Upgrade JBoss3->3.04 EvThing is broken. W/ JasperExcep

    Bryan Newbie

      I just tried upgrade Jboss 3 -> 3.04 w/ Tomcat. Everything was working under 3 w/tomcat4.0X. Now I can't even call the EJB from the JSP page, and get JasperException Instead.

      1. I checked EJB ejb-jar.xml & jboss.xml. They are okay.
      2. Deployed without a problem
      3. Use everything default for both jboss and tomcat(only thing changed is for tomcat, changed port 8080 to 80)
      4. goto jboss JNDIview and the EJB came up as expected. (=>java:comp namespace of the ejb/warehouse/DBquery bean)
      5. Create a blank JSP page w/ the following call:
      Properties props = new Properties();
      props.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "localhost:1099");
      Context ctx = new InitialContext(props);
      DBqueryHome home = (DBqueryHome)ctx.lookup("ejb/warehouse/DBquery");

      6. I scrap the whole server, reinstall 3.0 w/ tomcat 4.0 everything works fine.

      7. I recheck all the xml for my bean, match it against the others like jmx-ejb-adaptor.jar from the default deploy. Everything is in order

      WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Been at this problem for about two days, cannot solve this. Is JBoss not ready for anything other than Home-grown server? I'm at a lost as to the changes these developer makes every 0.01 release.

      Please any help would be really appreciated..