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    EJB-QL with byte[] as the parameter ??

    Eric Chow Newbie


      The following is my simple EJB-QL defining in ejb-jar.xml.


      SELECT OBJECT(a) FROM RestaurantEJB a WHERE a.name = ?1


      if the a.name is a BLOB(in database) and byte[] in Java, what is the data type of <method-param> should be used ?

      In addition, I defined the in ejb-jar.xml, do I need to re-define <jboss-ql> in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml?

      If I only defined in ejb-jar.xml, it seems not work, and some exception message showed that it must define some ejb-ql for each findXXXX methods .....

      But I can't see any duplicate EJB-QL or JBOSS-QL definition in your cmp2 template example.

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