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    Question about ejbpostcreate;

    Alvaro Newbie


      The WebLogic 7.0 app server´s dbms configuration descriptor has a tag
      <delay-database-insert-until> which defines the stage in an entity bean´s
      create process in which the bean is persisted in the database.
      The allowed values are: ejbPostCreate(default), ejbCreate and commit
      This is useful when we need to create a child entity from inside the
      ejbPostCreate method of a parent entity. The foreign-key field on the
      child´s table will try to match an existing key on the parent, but since it
      has not been persisted, a violation error will occur. To avoid that, and
      still use the foreign-key constraint in the child´s table, we use the
      "ejbCreate" or "commit" value on the tag in the parent bean´s descriptor.

      Is there a similar feature in JBoss ? Or is there another way around this
      problem ?