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    jboss.xml ejb-jar.xml jboss-web.xml web.xml

    Christopher Newbie

      Could someone please simply post an example of the relationship when declaring a local ejb for example in the

      web.xml (if any)
      jboss-cmp-jdbc.xml (spelled wrong i think)

      We purchased the documentation. And low and behold, there are explanations to the nth degree about the JMX but no simple code examples of accessing EJB via LocalHome from a web based application. I have seen many many complaints about this in forums and on theserverside.com. I fear that this JBoss movement is going to die without good docs. The product is great however, my company hired the Gardner Group for big bucks to eval our plan to go to JBoss and they said their survey indicates that 70% of all JBoss installations are failures due to bad documentation and complexity.

      Help !!!! We want this to work.