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    JBoss stops after about 10 minutes

    Dr. Lothar Ludwig Newbie

      I'm running Win NT, JBoss2.4.3Tomcat3.2.3 and I'm using
      stateful EJBs. My application does some cyclic calculation.
      After a few more than 400 calculations (10 minutes) it just decides to stop instead of calculating some thousand more. No mattering where I step into the application the behavior does not change. I think, the Server is responsible.
      I checked the configuration, all age-limits have been set to a value of 600000/1800000, the maxnumbers of allowed
      beans whatever has been set to 1000 instead of 100. Nothing changes.
      I don't have an idea anymore why the application stops... it just hangs up without an error in the log.

      Kind regards,
      Lothar Ludwig