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    Need Stateful Session Bean Concurent Access

    Dikran Seropian Newbie


      I need to have the possibility to make concurent calls from one client to his unique stateful session bean. Does jBoss support re-entrant tags for stateful SB in ejb descriptors?


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          Michael Schoning Newbie

          A stateful session bean is re-entrant so you can make sequential call to the same bean from your client. The re-entrant tags normally apply to entity beans which by default are stateless. I don't know if Jboss supports re-entrant entity beans or not. But if that is what you need I would suggest using a stateful session bean together with an entity bean anyways.


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            Dikran Seropian Newbie

            Hi Michael,
            Thanks for your reply (just today I found out that I need to do myself the check for the forum reply),

            I should clarify a little the issue:
            - My client should have an unique entry point in the appsrv (ie. a session facade)
            - The client should be able to keep many simultaneous commands running independently upon the appsrv; some of the commands will need to keep state between calls (ie a paginated search), some not;
            - There should be (ideally) a single exported EJB reference to the client, in order to achieve a high decoupling.

            This is the main reason for which I am looking for a multi-threaded access to a Stateful Session Bean or some other way to achieve this goal.