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    Do I really need an EAR?

    McGee Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have to deploy a web app that contains servlets that access 2 different EJBs. Do I need to bundle these into an EAR, or can I simply deploy a an EJB JAR and a WAR?

      I've been following Sun's stuff on deployment, but I don't think they're very clean. They do things like include the EJB Bean class in the client JAR file, and put the client's .class in the EAR that gets deployed on the server. Basically they describe things that *will* work, but I'm more interested in fundamentals.

      Unless I'm wrong there's no special relationship between EJBs (and servlets that use them) in a container that have been deployed as part of an EAR, so deploying them separately should be fine. Am I right?

      Thanks all,