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    Local Interface question

    stevek Newbie

      I looked at many messages, but still cannot find the answer. I want to use the local interface on a session bean from within a JSP. I did not modify ejb-jar.xml or jboss.xml. I only tried to modify jboss-web.xml and web.xml and here they are:


      note: the data within <ejb-link> came from my ejb-jar.xml where the session bean is defined.

      jboss-web.xml :

      TestSessionLocalHome localHome = (TestSessionLocalHome) lContext.lookup(

      error when deployed:
      target not found, add valid ejb-link


      you may recognize this code since I grabbed it from the template provided by JBOSS. I am just trying to add a local interface to the TestSession bean and use it within index.jsp.