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    EJB Reference Names in Client Apps

    Ron Shea Newbie

      I have a question about the way client apps reference EJBs in JBoss.

      The client app examples in the J2EE Tutorial locate an EJB's home interface by looking up the bean's reference name (also called the coded name or logical name) in the java:comp/env context. The client app also has a deployment descriptor that maps this reference name to the bean's JNDI name (specified in ejb-jar.xml).

      Does JBoss 3.0.2 provide this capability? This mapping adds a level of indirection, but it permits clients to be decoupled from the beans. (Note that jboss-web.xml provides this mapping for web clients.) I've been able to lookup beans in clients by using their JNDI names, but I'd like to use reference names instead.