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    Classloading problems and libraries versions management in J

    Richard De Falco Newbie

      I try to deploy an application ear that comes with log4j in a different version that the one wich is part of jboss 3.0.4. I think i've read extensiveley all the posts including the one saying you MUST use log4j as it is in jboss.
      So, what should i do ? Should I re-pacakge my application SPECIFIC to jboss because of the use of log4j Vxxx by jboss ? What if my application use a newer version of log4j ?
      This must be a recurrent problem, because log4j is widely used by many j2ee applications. I found a little hard to have to deal with it, specific this way, because jboss is using log4j! By the way, what for the other shared libs that are used by jboss ? Same cause, same punishment ?
      More generally: how Jboss address issues pointed in "classloading problems" chapter of this article : http://www2.theserverside.com/resources/articles/AdvancedClassLoading/article.html (IONA approach).