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    Ejen-1.1-pre2 (Java/XSLT based code generation system) is re

    François Wolff Newbie

      There are many changes and new features in this new 1.1 candidate:

      - almost a complete rewrite of the EJB demo: 2.0 specification, DAO, JBoss-3.+ with Hypersonic SQL, PostgreSQL/mySQL support (with a much more easy way to switch to other database systems), XSL/servlet-based testing web application (with
      - full namespace support.
      - validation.
      - updates to Xalan-2.4.1 and Ant 1.5.1.
      - it uses (a modified version of) Antlr instead of JavaCC.
      - it includes a version of JTidy (for HTML parsing).
      - all file references are URI's (with default support for file, http, ftp and jar protocols, but you may even plug in new protocols if you need access to other ressources).
      - there are many new "nodes" in Ejen: sax (switch to sax mode), option, variable, try, catch, finally (to deal with exception that occurs during the generation process), property, echo, if, choose, when, otherwise, foreach. Each of them gives you a better control of the generation.
      - ability to plug in a specialized XMLReader (within a sax node).
      - ability to plug in a specialized DocumentBuilder (within a source node).
      - other minor improvements in the system itself, extensions and examples.