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    How to invoke EJB from a different EJB container

    GadgetMan Newbie

      I have 2 instances of JBoss running on the same machine. 2 EJBs are deployed, one on each instance. I have the configuration of this for the 2 instances of JBoss running properly (I don't see any exceptions) as I followed the document located at http://www.yorku.ca/dkha/jboss/docs/MultipleInstances.htm (BTW, this is a great document, it's really easy to configure compared to other postings in this forum).

      My problem now is that I can't invoke the EJB on the 2nd instance of JBoss. I get a NameNotFoundException from my client. I've checked that for each EJB, I have a jndi.properties file and in that file, I specify the appropriate JNDI naming provider URL (EJB1 being the first instance with port 1099, and EJB2 being the 2nd instance with port 11099). How can the client find the appropriate EJB, when the JNDI directories are in different ports? Do I have to JNDI clustering, and do I have to have a jndi.properties file also for the client in its classpath (but this won't work, because the client needs to access both JNDI directories on the two JBoss instances).

      If anybody has solved this before (which I am sure one of you have), I would appreciate your solution to this.