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    ClassCastException when redeploying Stateful SB

    Rajatish Newbie


      Sequence of events:

      (SSB)=Stateful Session Bean

      0-Deploy exploded WAR and SSB.jar in deploy dir.
      1-User submits form that calls a servlet
      2-Servlet obtains SSB remote interface and stores handle in session tracking
      3-Servlet invokes an addRecord() method on the SSB
      4-Everything works fine
      5-Find a bug in my code, recompile and redeploy WAR and SSB in the deploy dir
      6-User submits form that calls servlet
      7-Servlet goes to obtain SSB remote interface:

      Context ctx = getInitialContext();
      MySessionHome = (MySessionHome) ctx.lookup("mySessionHome.MySessionHome");
      MySession mySession = (MySession) home.create();

      8-I get a ClassCastException on the cxt.lookup, detail message is "null"
      9-I am forced to reboot JBoss and everything starts working fine again.

      Why will my SSB not redeploy w/o rebooting JBoss?