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    CMR - Only Local Interfaces Supported?

    Raja Master

      Im trying to test a simple bidirectional relationship between two tables using Jboss 3.0.4.
      Both the CMPs are remote objects and this is the code in the ejbPostCreate of one of them

      public void ejbPostCreate(String id, String name, String manager, DepartmentRemote remote) throws CreateException {
      setDepartment(remote); //Department is Remote Interface

      This throws a classcastexception and when i lookup the source code corresponding to the exception trace, i see that it looks for a EJBLocalObject there. Here is the code snipper from JDBCCMRFieldBridge

      while(newBeans.hasNext()) {
      EJBLocalObject newBean = (EJBLocalObject)newBeans.next();
      createRelationLinks(myCtx, newBean.getPrimaryKey());

      So my question is should the relation beans only be local?