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    EJB Redeployment

    Paul Robinson Master


      I deployed an EJB, however, I set the home tag in the deployment descriptor to point to a class that doesn't exist. I corrected the problem and then deployed again. I still got the same error message even tho i had changed the home tag to point to the right home interface. I tried delleting my jboss directory and downloading a fresh version from the web. When i start it up tho, I get an error message (bellow). It seems to still be looking for the StatelessSessionTest bean even tho i removed the JBoss directory and re-installed!

      this is the error message:

      14:03:27,486 INFO [MainDeployer] Starting deployment of package: file:/F:/Java_apps/jboss/server/all/tmp/deploy/server/all/deploy
      14:03:28,087 INFO [EJBDeployer]
      Bean : StatelessSessionTest
      Section: 22.2
      Warning: The Bean Provider must specify the fully-qualified name of the Java class that implements the enterprise bean's business
      methods in the <ejb-class> element.
      Info : Class not found: uk.ac.ncl.cs.test.StatelessSessionTest

      14:03:28,157 INFO [EjbModule] Creating
      14:03:28,217 INFO [EjbModule] Deploying StatelessSessionTest
      14:03:28,387 WARN [ServiceController] Problem creating service jboss.j2ee:jndiName=ejb/StatelessSessionTest,service=EJB
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: uk.ac.ncl.cs.test.remote_home_interfaces.StatelessSessionTestRemoteHome
      at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:198)

      If i try deploying the bean again i get the following error:

      14:33:50,381 ERROR [EjbModule] Initialization failed
      javax.management.InstanceAlreadyExistsException: jboss.j2ee:jndiName=ejb/StatelessSessionTest,service=EJB already registered.

      Does anyone have a clue what's going on as this is really begining to drive me up the wall!

      Thanks in advance,

      Paul Robinson.