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    By Value Pattern and Interceptors

    mike porter Newbie


      IMHO one of the downsides of Entity beans is the duplicity of your object model. You have one model for your entities on the server. And one model, your Value Objects for your remote client. Im working on an architecture where we have a rich Swing client, and I am getting tired of having to maintain two parallel object trees. We use xdoclet but im not too excited about all this code generation, as it slows the build down.

      I am also interested in the aspect oriented nature of JBoss's EJBs and would love to be able to write client side interceptors to my entity beans.

      So, Im wondering if with JBoss is the Value Object pattern DEAD? Is there a better way for my rich Java clients to get access to my Entity domain model? BTW... I am using the Session Facade pattern to hide my Entity Model.