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    EJB 2.1 support for WS interface

    tksung Newbie


      I'm trying to find out if WS interface for session beans in EJB 2.1 will be supported in JBOSS 4.0. I've read in Lizzard's Corner that WS support may be excluded, but I haven't found definitive words.

      I understand that jboss.net already supports WS interface. (Given that, it sounded funny that WS support would be excluded due to lack of demand). But my preference would be to make use of EJB 2.1 facility, so that my EJBs will run on any application server.

      So, can someone confirm/deny the inclusion of the EJB 2.1's spec of WS interface for session beans in JBOSS 4.0? If it will not be included in 4.0, is there any definitive plan to include it in the future?