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    jboss shuts down on remote bean throwing exception

    Mike Stephen Newbie

      Hi all,

      We are running jboss3.0.4 with tomcat4.0.6 on Redhat7.2

      We have two such servers, one has a SLSB which calls a method on a SLSB on the second server. The second SLSB sometimes throws a NoSuchEntityException which is thrown
      back to the SLSB on the first server (due to poor programming on our part), but soon after this happens, jboss shuts down on the first server.

      I read somewhere that jboss3.0.6 is better at handling calls to remote beans, and re-trying a connection that has gone bad. Can anyone confirm this?

      Any ideas on what might be causing jboss to shutdown, and
      whether upgrading to jboss3.0.6 would fix a problem such
      as this? (we don't want to upgrade yet if it won't).

      Thanks loads,