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    Questions About Transaction Rollback

    mekatoka Newbie

      I am using JBoss 3.0.4, CMP 2.0

      (1) After we lookup an ejb may be remote/local, we pass some data to the ejb's. What is the limit on the data that can be sent ? I understand that most of these aspects depend on the amount of memory we have in the system. But how to calculate that, so that we can make out code more generic ... rather than customizing it again and again.

      (2) Is there a way to compute how much of a load can the system take, i mean .. how many records can the system get from the database without rolling back the transaction or memory timeout.

      And can this be done on the run,

      -> i mean at the start up scan the system on which the server is running, and set the transaction timeout
      -> in the ejb, scan the system, calculate how many records can be fetched with in the specified transaction timeout value(in ejb-jar.xml)..and code in such a way that we get only those many records at a time , and the rest get in next call (transaction)

      I would very much appreciate if somebody provided with links to material which deals in depth with these kind of issues ? It would also be very helpful if i get some thoughts on these questions.


      Meka Toka