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    How to deploy EJB

    Kenneth Newbie

      Hi Experts,

      I'm a new comer and curious about how to deploy a simple EJB sample for testing purpose. I've installed JBoss3.04-tomcat4.1.12. Is there any tool like "deploytool" for JBoss to deploy the EJB modules? Hope to see your reply!


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          Bill Smith Newbie

          I am using the Eclipse IDE with the Lomboz plugin. It actually makes deploying pretty easy. There does however seem to be a problem with adding EJBs to a container and also generating EJBs. This may just be a problem with my configuration. I would be interested to know if you have the same problem. Lomboz is one of the more frequently downloaded plugins for Eclipse. I like Eclipse because it is in many ways similar to Websphere Application Developer.