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    why there are two javaURLContextFactory.java ?

    yang Newbie


      In the jndi.properties file, there is such a line:


      Who can explain to me that under what situation the first prefix org.jboss.naming will be used
      and under what situation, the second one (org.jnp.interfaces) will be used?

      I am confused by the fact that there is two javaURLContextFactory.java file .
      One is
      the other is

      What rules the jboss follow will follow to use one of them?

      I trace the source code, i find that it seems that org.jboss.naming.java.javaURLContext will be used when
      the iniCtx.lookup("java:") is called during the startService of the NamingService.java. But if i write my
      own simple testing program which simulate the starting up of naming service, the org.jnp.interfaces.java.javaURLContext
      is always called. WHY????

      Thanks a lot!