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    Problem with EJBs

    Anibal Mantovani Diniz Newbie

      On EJBs I have an architecture MVC thus:
      - serving, he possess client web, EJB1, EJB2
      - serving B, possess EJB1
      - serving C, possess EJB1

      The customer web has access EJB2 passing parameters for a method, this method in EJB2 calls EJB1 in each one the servers passing the same parameters. The return of each execution then is received by EJB2 and this through a calculation decides which the correct reply to return to the customer.
      My doubt is the following one:
      - when an only customer requests the data everything functions normally, but when I will have some customers having access the EJBs the 0 variable that keeps the return in EJB2 I will not go to be insane person (he will receive resopostas from all the requests)
      - are created only one instance of the EJB for all the customers? - how that the return of the method called for the customer returns to this (as that is made)?
      One I hug.

      I forgive me I do not speak English, I am Braziliam