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    [EJB CMP] finder call error : Unknown query

    feutrier Newbie


      I'v created a CMP with a specific finder :
      The jaws Query is : Groclef = {0} AND Grodateannu IS NULL

      We succeeded in deploying the application but we can't access to our finder.
      The exception is :
      "javax.ejb.FinderException: Unknown query: public abstract fr.delta_diffusion.watoo.j2ee.data.W_GROU fr.delta_diffusion.watoo.j2ee.data.W_GROUHome.findByActivePrimaryKey(java.lang.Integer) throws java.rmi.RemoteException,javax.ejb.FinderException"

      Do you have an idea to solve that ?
      Everything seems to be well defined ?

      Best regards