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    how can I have a mechanism to configure my service...

    guitarist Newbie

      I want to have a controller at application server side, then I can give the controller some informations such as the class name, method name, parameters..., the controller will load the class into JVM and invoke the method of its corresspond to the informations.

      my problem is that I want to have the mapping between the informations and the actural class and method names in a configuration file. I can configure something at the "ejb-jar.xml" in "[env-entry]" tag, but the area is so limited,
      I want at least 2 keys mapping 2 values such as "service_id" and "method_id" mapping to "full_ClassName" and "the_MethodName_of_the_class".

      my environment is jboss2.4.6

      how can I do it?