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    Container calls store before i use busines method, should it

    davidrocks Newbie


      My container is behaving in a manner which is causing our system problems.

      We have Jboss contecting to an oracle DB. Also connecting is a legacy application. The problem is that an Entity Bean loads a row from the database which works normally then the legacy app goes to the database and chnages the information that the bean relates to. Now when i call a method on the bean the container calls store and wipes the Databases new information. I really thought that a server would call Load first to stay in tune with the DB.

      Now from my o'reilly book on EJB it says that it is up to the container vendor wich way this is implemented ( load or store first) but is this the way JBoss has been configured to run or have i made a mistake somewhere.

      The transaction i have started is made in a sesion bean (requiresNew) and it propogates through to the entity that has required transaction. My JBoss is 2.4.4.

      Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated as i am stuck and can't find any infomation on how JBoss handles this.