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    ear deployment problem: add folder from root ear to classpat

    Stephan Frind Newbie


      I am trying jboss 3.0.6

      I have the following ear structure

      -props <--- directory that should be included in classpath

      MANIFEST.MF of myejb.jar looks like this
      Class-Path: props somelib.jar

      Everything seems to work except that JBoss does not like a folder as a classpath entry
      10:34:47,728 WARN [MainDeployer] The manifest entry in file:/C:/Programme/jboss-3.0.6/server/sf/tmp/deploy/server/sf/deploy/my.ear/25.my.ear-contents/myejb.jar references URL file:/C:/Programme/jboss-3.0.6/server/sf/tmp/deploy/server/sf/deploy/my.ear/25.my.ear-contents/props which could not be opened, entry ignored

      I need this classpath entry because I need to read some.properties.

      I have also noticed that in the expected subfolder of tmp folder of JBoss the props folder of my.ear is not created. It looks that JBoss does not unzip my.ear completly.

      Any hint?

      Thanks a lot,