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    Moving from WebSphere 4 to JBoss 3

    Eduard Jodas Newbie


      we are trying to move an EJB application from IBM WS 4 to JBoss 3, there are some issues which we cannot make them to work:

      - we have some tables that model class inheritance. These tables have the same primary key, so we have put the findByPrimaryKey() method in the parent Entity class. The home interface of all child classes inherit the method "ParentType findByPrimaryKey(ParentTypePK)" from the parent class home interface. Note that is not the type of the child class but of the parent class. OO allows this, but JBoss complains at runtime, saying that the returned type is not valid. The other finder methods that return Collection work perfectly. We are baffled with this behavior.

      - we have a test suite based on JUnit. This suite works perfectly in WS 4, but when trying it against JBoss it can not find the EJBs. This happens only when GUI for JUnit is used. The Console output version works fine.