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    EJB JBoss

    cibo_1 Newbie

      HI, My company has been using Weblogic and thinking of moving to Jboss.
      My question is, we have all the jars and wars files that we used on Weblogic, and now we want to use that same files on JBoss.
      Is there any configuration (any xml files config or other config?) that we need to do before we deploy those files?
      Or can we just put those files in the deploy and/or server/lib directory without any configurations?

      Could someone please help me with this matter, as the time given to me is very little, and we have to decide whether to move to Jboss or stick with Weblogic.

      Any help would be deeply appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          It depends how much weblogic specific config you

          If you use XDoclet it should be able to generate
          both jboss and weblogic deployment descriptors.

          If you download the source for 3.2 there is a
          foedeployer that can deploy ejbs with Weblogic
          deployment descriptors.