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    where do I put jaxb.properties?

    Brian Tarbox Newbie

      I'm using jaxb in my EJBs but when I run I get the error that the jaxb.properties file can not be found. Searching the forums found 0 occurances of the word "jaxb". Does anyone know where this file must be placed for beans to find it?


      Brian Tarbox

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          nash foster Newbie

          The beta version of JAXB 1.0 had a bug where it couldn't find jaxb.properties if it was inside a jar file. If you're using that version, you should probably upgrade to the Java Web Services development pack version.

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            nash foster Newbie

            I just tested it with JWSDP and jboss seemed to like having the jaxb.properties file sitting inside the server/${config}/conf directory next to the jndi.properties file, etc... I had to restart the container, though. It wouldn't find it if I just restarted my MBean test.

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              Sherman Wood Apprentice

              Since you seem to have got JAXB running under JBoss, maybe you can help me.

              Using JAXB out of JWSDP 1.2, there is an installation step where you have to put additional XML related jars into JDK 1.4's lib/endorsed area. After I did that, my WARs would not deploy, because an error deep in the bowels of Jetty trying to get to the web.xml file in the temporary area where the WAR is exploded out to. Removing those jars fixed things. I am using JBoss 3.2.1.

              Did you run into this problem? If so, what was the fix?



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                nash foster Newbie

                You know, I haven't seen that problem. Honestly, I'm not sure I even performed that step on the linux box I am running. Though, I definately did it on my windows box and everything seemed fine.

                Wish I have some useful experience for you...