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    Transaction Time Out

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      JBoss 3.0.6, EJB 2.0, CMP 2.0


      Transaction is failing when trying to retrieve data with many records. It times out or rolls back


      I have a session bean A that needs to return some results packaged in a stub to the client. It gets the results by using a finder method on an entity bean.

      Each of the record contains 3 CMF's of type java.net.InetAddress. What i noticed is if the finder method yields more than 40 records i get a transaction roll back or timed out.

      The finder method returns a collection, i can even print the size of the collection as below,

      Collection coll = sessionBean.findByXYZ(xyz);
      System.out.println("The size of collection is " + coll.size() );

      I can even get the local interface objects from the collection but cant seem to do any more operation on that object

      Can somebody point me in right direction ? Also is there a way i can get only a part of the result set ? As i am using CMP i assume i will not have flexibility to get only a fixed number of records ?

      Also, i know about increasing the transaction time out in the xml files but wouldnt really help me, cuz there might be any number of records resulting from finder method


      Meka Toka