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    ClassLoading stuff : EAR contains an EJB and a WAR

    masrawy Newbie


      I'm having a question (problem) here :

      An EAR contains an EJB and a WAR, both of them have some similar classes in some jars, but with different versions.

      The problem, AFAIK, is that the ClassLoader of the war file is a child from the EJB classloader, which makes the WAR use classes from the EJB, instead of using its classes in WEB-INF/lib.

      The EJB and the WAR are pre packaged, so, what's the best way I can make the WAR loads its own jars from the WEB-INF/lib, regardless of the duplicated jars in the EJB.

      Anybody has any info, or can direct me to someplace, where I can find information about this issue.

      Many thanks in advance.