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    How to implement a monitor in EJB??

    Pavan Achanta Newbie

      Hi friends,
      I am using JBoss but sorry for asking a question not related to jboss.

      I am implementing an application which needs a constant monitor process that runs in the backgorund and takes care of things like
      1.invoking certain beans when the clock ticks 5:50 PM etc
      2.takes messages from multiple clients and processes them in order.

      This program should start running as soon as we deploy it.

      If I were implementing this using normal java I would have written a main program that listens on a port and the clients giving there commands to that server by opening a connection with the server.
      And the that program would have opened a thread that invokes certain programs when clock matches a particular time.

      But how can we do this in EJB? How do we start such programs in ejb that run all the time.
      Can somebody suggest me what to do?What kind of bean do we use ?

      Thank you