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    porting from powertier 6.02 to JBoss 3.0

    vishaln Newbie


      I am porting an app developed in Powertier 6.02 (ejb 1.1) to jboss 3.0 using IIS as web server

      After i have deployed the ejbs , i need to run the my ServerStartup Class to load data and home intefraces.

      1.DO i have to create a MBean Int and Class to call my serverstartup class?(which i have created)

      2.I cannot find jboss.jcml file in my jboss dir to configure the mbean

      3. I am using oracle as datasource, can i use my own xml file (instead of oracle_service xml) and if i can HOw to go about it, coz i have to connect to 3 different users in the schema.

      Can somebody please help me

      Thanks in advance