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    why doesnt ejbLoad() get called?

    micke Novice

      Basic set-up:
      JBoss 3.0.6
      Stateless bean calling a few Entity beans
      Tx: Required
      Commit : B

      My client connects to the session bean and executes some methods. The session bean is created and makes some calls to the entity beans.
      Every business method on the entity beans are
      surrounded by an ejbLoad() and ejbStore() calls.
      So far so good.

      The next time the client connects and executes the same sequence, only the ejbStore() calls appear when calling business methods on the entity beans.

      Is this because the session bean isnt created the second time? I guess its just grabbed from the pool. Shouldnt the context be refreshed signaling a new transaction and thereby getting the ejbLoad call as well?

      What am I doing wrong, anyone?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Try changing TRACE logging to

          I didn't fully follow your explanation, but it
          sounds like it is all in one transaction so
          the container is allowed to cache.


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            micke Novice

            Maybe I was a bit unclear in my explaination.
            The setup is like this:
            client -> session bean -> entity bean.

            I am using commit option B for the container. If I remember right, it should ensure synchronization (ejbLoad & ejbStore) for each business method of the entity bean if they have "Required" as tx attribute. Although, ejbLoad would only be called at start of transaction.

            The first call from the client creates the session bean and the entity bean gets that its a new transaction going when called from session bean.

            After I disconnect and connects a second time I must still be in the same transaction...or?

            How do I get the transaction to end after first call is made? Isnt each business method a seperate transaction if managed by container?

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              Adrian Brock Master

              If you are using required, the session bean
              will start and end the transaction. The entities
              will run in the transaction of the session bean.

              If you are using BMT for the session bean
              you must remember to either commit or

              If the client starts the transaction then the
              data will remain cached until the client commits
              or rollbacks.


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                micke Novice

                Well, I still havent got it to work as supposed to.

                I do use CMT for the session bean and I have tried
                "Required" and "RequiresNew" for all methods on session bean and entity bean.

                I will start from scratch again making a mini example
                and take it from there.

                Thanks for the help so far anyway.

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                  micke Novice

                  Problem solved :)

                  I seemed to have been a bit sloppy extending
                  container-configuration in jboss.xml and missing the fact that there was more than one bean packed in that ejb-jar.xml.