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    making EJB local references from two diffrent EARs

    Vulpe Mariua Cristian Newbie

      Hi all!

      My team and me are developing a J2EE application and we thought about the following procedure: separate the reusable components from the business logic components. To be more specific we separated EJBs like UUID string-based generators and general façade invokers into the reusable part of the thing (and we obtained an EAR). The business logic (EJBs that are updating and querying the database) is using those components and we have another EAR.

      The problem we have is: we don’t know (we don’t know even if it is possible) to obtain EJB local references (not EJB references that will produce slower RMI calls!) to the components from the first EAR (with reusable components). We would like to know how could we do that (I mention that we use JBoss 3.0.6 at this moment).

      Thanks a lot,

      PS: if you consider too ambiguous my problem, I will send more details.