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    migrating to 3.2 to painful - why??

    Jeff Parks Newbie

      I downloaded the new 3.2 version of JBoss, dropped my JBoss 3.06 working application into 3.2 and started JBoss 3.2 up. Much to my surprise EJB's that had no problem deploying in 3.06 generate literally hundreds of errors in 3.2. I looked in the deployment package for a migration document - which could not be found.

      I do not believe that we should expect these kind of failures in vesions of a Major number. And if there are changes we should be supplied with a document that clearly defines the changes ans what we need to do to fix errors.

      Where is any documentation that can tell me what changes in the EJB's between 3.06 and 3.2?

      Yes, I am frustrated, but then a cursory look at the forums tells me that a lot of other developers are having the same frustration.