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    where can i find definite specifications

    patrick thempel Newbie

      3rd try, maybe this is the right forum.

      i developed and used ejb's for a while now.
      took them out of a book , cant remember the name, and readjusted them to fit my needs.


      deploytool= j2eesdk deploytool

      one .ear file, containing one war-ic.war and one ejb-jar-ic.jar

      all went well up to jboss3.0.4.

      now a coworker updated the server to 3.2rc3.
      all of a sudden my .ear file dont work anymore.

      the webcontext is not recognized , should be /time, all i got was /war-ic.war . HUH?

      second, now the real trouble begins,
      i try to repack the .ear , changing war-ic.war to time.war.

      not working.

      literally tons and tons ( taking my breath away) of warnings about :"exceptions in the bean that are not properly mentioned in the remote and home interfaces".

      the standard "findbyprimarykey " in timeBeanHome is coded with "throws RemoteException".

      the method in the bean is coded with "throws FinderException"

      i get a warning that "the exceptions used in the remote interface must match the exception in the bean " .this is not literally but the meaning of the warning ,as far as i can understand it.

      i tried some variations, like coding in the home interface with "throws FinderException,RemoteException"....

      another warning,
      same effect, ear not deployed.

      ok, so please :
      where can i get a clear precise ( for the mentally handicapped like me) specification, or rather a working example, how a method "find something in a database" can be coded in a bean, and declared in a home or remote interface, so jboss3.2x accepts it?