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    How to invoke Deployer application

    Shyam P Jha Newbie


      I am new to JBoss. I downloaded the JBoss binary and started it on my Win 2000 machine thru command prompt. It shows it is started. I downloaded ANT, XDOCLET and template projected as suggested in the quick start guide. I followed the steps and was able to compile and build server and client. But I didnt find any help about the Deployement tool. I guess I have to deploye my bean on the Application server. But how to do it in JBoss I tried localhost:8080/jmx-console also but it just shows three directory on which Meta Inf Web Inf shows error. Please help me.

      One more feedback about quick start. I guess it should be more clear in defining the tools and concepts. Its very difficult to work with this guide as it jumps from one topic to another too quick.