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    Memory problem

    Vandenbroucke Johan Newbie


      I posted before my memory problem and the i recieved a lot hints to find what was going wrong.

      I downloaded jprofiler and attached tio jboss3.2.0 with java 1.4.1_02 on linux redhat 7.3
      with this great !!! tooling i sloved a few memory leaks (by setting some of my objects to null, so the gc cleaned them up)
      With jprofiler i could see that everything was cleanedup well after solving the problems.

      But strange when i was looking with top the java process is still growing.

      -> then i did a strip down of my server program to find the problem
      every strip down was negatif , the mem was going up.

      at the end only a simple servlet was left (see code below)

      if i run this simple servlet with a test program (jmeter -> 50 http request every 2 seconds) the memory goes up and never goes down.

      My session time-out is set to 1 minute.

      Any-one a idea whats left to solve the mem problem?
      Can it be log4j ?


      ================= code ===================

      public class servlet extends HttpServlet {

      /** Initializes the servlet.
      public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException {

      /** Destroys the servlet.
      public void destroy() {

      protected void octoRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
      throws ServletException, java.io.IOException {

      System.err.println("Servlet visitor");
      catch(Exception e)
      Syste.err.println("Exception happens");