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    CMR fields and ejbStore

    Juan Newbie

      I'm experimenting with a simple application using CMP2 with CMR fields. The application consists of 3 entity beans:

      1. Role: has a name and two CMR fields, movie and actor.
      2. Actor: has some cmp fields, and a CMR field (roles) which is a set of Role objects.
      3. Movie: has some cmp fields and a CMR field (cast) which is a set of Roles.

      I'm using commit option A.

      The first time a movie is loaded (using findByName), and the method getCast() is called, there is a call to ejbLoad and ejbStore for each loaded bean. After this, there are calls to ejbStore on every bean every time the movie is reloaded, and a call to getCast() is performed. (This call happens inside a transaction)

      Is this the expected behavior? Why is the ejbStore is being called even if no bean is modified?