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    Database being accessed sequentially problem

    Stephen Adams Newbie

      My appication, 'Reg', has a speed/access problem between JBoss and its database. I'm using JBoss-3.2.1/tomcat-4.1.24 on one server, which connects to SQL Server 2000 on a separate server, connecting through the iNet Gate driver. I'm using CMP 2.x.

      Reg has a number of local entity beans which are accessed through a coarse-grained remote session bean (AssetSessionBean). An Asset entity bean has 2 beans relationed to it, PriceBookItemEJB (1-1) and FlexData(1-M).

      The problem is very apparent in a method called to duplicate an already existing asset. There's a lot of chatter between JBoss and the database, with ejbStore being called a lot.

      In addition, when I access JBoss using say 50 threads to individually create assets (to test performance and concurrency), it creates the assets one after another. There seems to no multi-threading / interleaving happening.

      Does anyone know what might be going on here?

      My assembly descriptor in ejb-jar.xml looks as follows:








      Peter McGowan