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    Help with Interceptors...

    mp_1511 Newbie


      I've been reading the article: "JBoss: An In-Depth Look at the
      Interceptor Stack" by Andreas Schaefer (Onjava.com 07/24/2002)


      When talking about layout of the Interceptor Stack in the
      Container Configuration Schaefer states that there are three
      types of container configurations and the third type is:
      "Configurations defined in the jboss.xml deployment descriptor,
      available application-wide and must be requested by each EJB
      as well."

      Could somebody please explain me what he meant by this? What
      must be requested by each EJB? An Interceptor or...? And how?

      BTW, does anybody know about a decent tutorial on Interceptors
      in JBoss? A working example would be great...

      Thank you!